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JMW Blog Post – Oak Wooden Flooring

JMW Blog Post – Oak Wooden Flooring

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If you are considering oak wooden flooring for your home, then there are a few things to think about before you take the next step.

Wooden flooring is a beautiful choice for your home.  It adds a sense of luxury, whilst keeping a simple, clean and natural look to the space in which it’s added.

Oak is a great choice for your flooring.  It has been used for centuries in construction and has therefore established itself as a durable material, perfect for the floors in your home.  It requires very little maintenance, because manufactured oak tends to come treated ready to resist damage and staining.  There are also natural features of oak wood that prevent staining, as well as naturally occurring tannins and oils that help prevent the formation of mould, stains and other marks.  It is also naturally resistant to fungus, and it is these natural benefits of oak wood that make it a very hygienic choice for your household, especially in areas like the kitchen.

Oak is structurally very strong, so this hard wearing, durable wood is a great choice, and it can scale to whatever size your project or budget is, meaning areas large or small can benefit from the smart look of an oak floor.

Before you invest in this addition to your home, at which all visitors will marvel, there are some extra things to consider:

  1. Think about the rooms where the oak flooring is going.  Are the floors nice and level in there, or are there any elements of prep work that needs to take place first?  It is best to ask your chosen installer to come and do a recce of the area early on in the process, to ensure the installation runs smoothly.
  2. Think about whether it is a high wear/high traffic area.  While oak wood is extremely durable, consider that there may be some visual wear over the years in an area like a hallway compared to the living room for example.
  3. There are over 600 types of oak, so consider the type you want.  Source high quality oak to ensure longevity, and consider things like the grade of the wood, the graining, and the colour.  The choice is often between red and white oak, so think about the space in which the flooring is going and choose a colour to suit the rest of the décor.
  4. Choose how you want the oak to be laid.  The pattern can be laid in a herringbone or parallel design, and comes down to personal choice, and whatever best suits your home.

Next, you must plan the installation itself, prepare your existing flooring and house ready for the works, and most importantly, choose the right team to do the job.

How can JMW help? Well, we only use quality products from a trusted, local supplier, which offer a beautiful look and feel, and are available in a range of shades and grains.  We will work with you to advise on the preparation process, and ensure the installation is stress free.  We can even incorporate underfloor heating into your floor transformation, so not only will you have a gorgeous new oak floor, but also the comfort of warmth underfoot!

Once the installation is complete, the most important thing you have to do is ENJOY your new floor.  Receive lots of compliments about your house’s brand new look, and enjoy not having to hoover carpets anymore!  If you would like any help or advice to start the process in your own home, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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