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Improve the storage in your home

Improve the storage in your home

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Here at JMW, we are all about making your home work for you, after all, you’re the one who has to live in it everyday!

A home shouldn’t feel chaotic, but with a growing family, space gets used up quickly, and often, house layouts and designs don’t allow for many storage options.

Therefore, we thought it would be useful for us to put together a list of ten things you can do to improve the storage in your home, to lead to stress-free, organised living!

Here goes:

  • Install some handy storage solutions into some of your existing kitchen drawers – things like draw liners with specifically designed storage compartments will change your bits ‘n’ bobs draw for ever!
  • Redesign some of your end kitchen cupboard units and add extra shelving to create some extra storage space to display books and ornaments
  • Build around your doors – create unusual displays and a cool feature in your home, by creating shelving and display areas above, below or around doors and window frames.
  • Stairs – if you have an under-stair area that is doing nothing, design an extra ‘room’ by adding a wall and door, perfect for storing away toys, shoes, coats or the ironing board!
  • Larder style cupboards – if you have the space, create a deep larder to house your staple food items, freeing up some kitchen cupboard space
  • Build into your walls – lots of stud walls allow you to build into them to create alcoves which create a trendy, alternative space to shelving
  • Don’t forget your garage – this often-cluttered space can be easily forgotten as a storage gem!  Install cabinets, flooring and wall storage solutions, and you can turn your under-utilised garage into a utility room, office, or family room.
  • Architectural features – alcoves or spaces around architectural elements such as chimney breasts, can make it hard to find furniture that best utilises the space. Speak to a furniture specialist who can help you use the space with specialty designed storage solutions and furniture, without losing the impact of the features that give your home its character.
  • Up in the loft – oh the dreaded loft!  Filled with boxes of ‘stuff’, Christmas decorations and school photos from the nineties!  Hire a specialist to convert it into a tidy storage space, or even an extra room!  Storage heaven!
  • Use dead space in the bathroom – bathrooms can often lack storage but having a specialist storage solution built into any unused areas will give you storage you never knew you needed!

JMW can help with all sorts of built-in storage ideas, and can even visit your home to suggest some solutions to create more space and less clutter.

Get in touch with us today for a chat and to create a clutter-free life!

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